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Yes, I have worked in the fast food industry when I was way younger and let's just say that... it's the next best thing to slavery. No, I am kidding but there are many things that you can really learn when you work in the fast food industry and they all help you discover things about people, business, life and even yourself. I think everyone should work behind a fast food counter at least once in their life.rnrnSo, this is what being paid peanuts feel likernrnOh... this is what it is like working from ground up. I don't think it is a fact that is so glaringly apparent only in this country because generally speaking, fast food restaurants are known to hire part-timers or students or school leavers, hence, the low pay but frankly, it is a priceless (pardon the pun) experience because you will then know what it feels like to stand there the entire day and earn hardly enough pocket money for two meals.rnrnI am totally sending my kids to work at a fast food restaurant.rnrnTeamworkrnrnWorking in a fast food restaurant teaches you about teamwork, teamwork, teamwork, TEAMWORK. If someone in the back kitchen doesn't defrost the chicken quick enough or someone stupidly forgets to heat up the gravy, everyone suffers. In essence, you come to work and you will feel the responsibility of reminding your co-workers about things that they might forget. If one person is too busy, the others may have to chip in.rnrnWorking in such an environment will help you learn about being responsible as a whole, not just as a person. One person fouls up, everyone gets it. This experience will help you learn to work in just about ANY environment in the future, be it a large IT firm or when you are running your own clothing retail outlet.rnrnManaging peoplernrnNothing teaches this better than being behind the counter... be it the cashier's counter or the complaints counter. Managers need to learn how to motivate and organize tasks and people based on their capabilities and commitment while cashiers need to smile and be pleasant during their worst moments... like after their boyfriends just dumped them. Got dumped? There are customers to be served, serve them.rnrnAnd of course, it doesn't help during those moments that an irate and irrational customer walks up to the counter and you know they are dead wrong and yet they insist on being right and society demands that they are.rnrnThe speed of lightrnrnWhen it comes to fast food, people are impatient and you need to keep up to speed... like only ALL THE TIME. Need I say more?rnrnrn