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Psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. Unlike other medical practitioners, psychiatrists are more experienced in a wide range of psychiatric conditions and approach treatment from a biological perspective. Psychiatrists typically require an MD or DO as well as a four-year residency program to practice in the field. The clinics that offer these services are often found in hospitals and community mental health facilities.

Psychiatrists clinics are often affiliated with an academic department of psychiatry or with a mental health organization in the community. Referral sources for these clinics can be primary care physicians, psychiatric inpatient units, and other medical specialists. Patients can also choose to visit a psychiatrist's clinic on their own. While many psychiatrists use these services, the availability of trained professionals is essential.

Psychiatrists often conduct psychiatric evaluations on their patients outside of the clinic. In these settings, a psychiatrist is responsible for the overall health of the patient and the treatment of all related conditions. Despite the many benefits of telepsychiatry, the therapeutic relationship may not be the same as with a personal physician. Consequently, psychiatrists' clinics are often located in a remote location away from the rest of the medical system.

As a result, most public mental health clinics do not have the resources to hire a psychiatrist, resulting in long waiting lists for those in need of care. In many cases, patients may be forced to wait weeks or months for an appointment. Despite the lack of specialized care, patients are unable to access psychiatric services. The situation has worsened since Applebaum addressed the issue at an APA conference last year. Medicaid covers 20% of the nation's psychiatric services. As state budgets have grown, psychiatrists are no longer able to offer this service.