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Kissing on the first date: a man's lookrnFor a guy to kiss a girl he likes means to admit his sympathy to her, to declare his rights, and it is quite normal for him to do this already on the first date. However, the first kiss for a man is just as exciting, long-awaited and gives rise to a storm of emotions, if we are talking about serious intentions and feelings towards a lady. If the purpose of the date is a non-binding relationship, then the guy will not miss the opportunity to kiss the girl as soon as possible, so that after he goes to more active actions.rnrnWhatever it was, the main burden of responsibility and initiative during the first date is the lot of a man. And he, in turn, is tormented by doubtsnrnI'll kiss her – what if it's too early, and she decides that I'm just pestering?rnIf I don't kiss her, she'll think I'm indecisive or she'll think I don't like her.rnI'll miss the moment to kiss-hello, friendzone.rnOf course, everything is individual, but most situations concerning the first kiss are still typical. Men also doubt, worry about whether it is worth taking this step so that everything is right and the girl positively evaluates the first date.rnrnHow do girls feel about kissing on the first date?rnAmbiguous. It all depends on the upbringing, views, previous experience. Some people believe that only frivolous young ladies kiss on the first date. There is a certain amount of truth in this, but in the XXI century, kissing on the first date is not something shameful.rnrnSome girls, on the contrary, prefer that the kiss must take place-it serves as an indicator of the attractiveness of a man for them.rnrnFor many women (and for men, too), a kiss on the first date is too sharp an invasion of personal space – it takes much more time to get used to a person and get closer to him.rnrnThere is a category of girls for whom kissing is a mandatory attribute of any romantic meeting, even the first: these are new sensations, vivid emotions, a kind of confirmation of one's own attractiveness. They live by emotions, succumbing to fleeting impulses, getting carried away, falling in love, "collecting" impressions. In any case, due to the romance of their nature, the beautiful half of humanity, even being strictly educated and possessing natural modesty, still secretly dreams of a kiss.rnrnFor such an important, without exaggeration, event as the first kiss, it is worth preparing thoroughly. First of all, morally-to set priorities, to cope with emotions, to determine all the " pros "and"cons".