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Each type of weave has a specific texture and has a variety of wave patterns, including straight, deep wave, loose deep wave, Jerry curly or kinky straight hair. The most popular types of human hair is Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian Hair. West Kiss Hair offers you the best human hair weave with reasonable price.

100% human hair has an elevated natural appearance to it in comparison to synthetic hair. Virgin human hair is great because it replicates natural hair almost perfectly. Black women have many different textures of hair.

Loose Wave Hair
The loose wave hair has the texture of a big compressed “S” pattern, this “S” is hanging down around the entire loose wave hair bundles, with the natural shine along with the compressed “S” shape, looks luxurious and deluxe, especially for long inches.

Loose Deep Wave Hair
The loose deep wave hair has smaller curls than the loose wave. It is just like its name, the pattern just like the combination of both loose wave and deep wave. This kind of Brazilian loose deep wave hair looks bushy and smooth, with the natural luster around the loose deep wave bundles with frontal. And no matter what length you want, the loose deep wave human hair wig will look more thick and full on your head.

The Differences
1) Hairstyles
Even the name of loose wave and loose deep wave are similar, the patterns are different.
As we have mentioned above, the curls of loose wave and loose deep wave hair are different. The loose wave cheap lace front wig has an “S” pattern, big curls; the loose deep wave hair has the style of a more small curl than loose wave hair.

2) Effects
As the shape of the loose wave human hair wig and the loose deep wave human hair wig is different, the sew-in effects will be also different. The loose wave hair sews in will bring you a looking of stylish big waves, show the mature and solemn style. The loose deep wave hair will look well-groomed wave, show the fashion and lively styles.

The Similarities
1) Material
All the loose wave human hair and the loose deep wave lace wigs human hair from West Kiss Wigs are made of 100% real human hair. The lace is swiss lace, and the wig is glueless. These wigs have Pre-plucked hairlines and natural baby hairs. You also have different lace colors to choose from: medium brown lace, transparent lace, HD lace. The entire procedure hasn't any harmful chemicals, no shedding, no tangle, with a long lifespan.

2) Price
At West Kiss Hair store, the price is the same as the loose wave human hair and the loose deep wave hairstyles at the same lace material, length, and density.

I think you will have a clear thought about which one to buy after reading this article. Whatever, the needs is the most important factor when you are buying goods. Hope you can get the right cheap lace front wigs human hair.