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We work hand in hand into youth _ 800 words in the full score of the middle school entrance examination to hit the water in the midstream, and the waves will stop the flying boat. ����Inscription youth, is a bridge, a naive and simple bridge leading to wisdom and strong. Just like the teenagers, we are full of pursuit and hard work, let us go into the youth together with the teacher and the classmates to feel the good times of forging ahead. Teachers and students are fighting for wisdom, and the sun is shining on the windows. "The symmetry axis of a regular polygon is the vertical line of each side of it, and the number of lines is its number of sides!" This loud voice is full of majesty, making people feel that it seems to be an undoubted truth. However, a spark of thought flashed through my mind: "The two diagonals of a square are also axes of symmetry! All positive and even polygons have an axis of symmetry that overlaps the diagonal." The teacher is clearly wrong! After class, I immediately caught up with him and told him my thoughts. He hesitated for a moment and said, "You don't have a picture, the geometric picture will be clear! Teaching for decades, I have a lot of hearts in mind!" His tone was firm and confident, and he focused on it. The classmates on the side said: "The teacher is a big mathematician Marlboro Red, don't argue with the experts as a student." The teacher smiled and got up and wanted to leave. I was not reconciled and immediately showed him the picture with a stroke. The teacher lifted his glasses and looked at the lines on the figure suspiciously-the square does have an axis of symmetry that coincides with the diagonal! He looked surprised, closed his eyebrows, touched his chin with his hands, and looked for a long time. Finally, he stretched his eyebrows and said to me: "Oh, the teacher is really wrong ... positive and even polygons and the axis of symmetry that coincide with the diagonal!" Everyone smiled heartily. Let us pursue knowledge and truth together with our teachers and walk into youth together! When the classmates cheered on the wind, the whistle rang and the arrow rushed out. The cheering sound is in my ears, and it keeps ringing, like Song Tao! Like thunder! Facing the wind, raining, and moving forward quickly Wholesale Cigarettes, the opponents flashed one by one, and there were fewer and fewer figures in front of me. I took the lead for the time being! 400, 300 ... To the last 200 meters of the sprint, an anxious voice came from the cheering crowd: "Come! Come! Right, quick!" This is the key moment for the final competition. "Quick! Quick! ...... Come on! Come on! ... The cheers of the classmates are getting stronger and stronger, like a rapid drum of war, the horn of the charge, I force each of my cells to combine with oxygen and burst out a wonderful energy, In the encouragement of my classmates, I forgot my emotions, I was dead, I was ruthless, I surpassed my opponents, and won the championship! Let us work together with our classmates for honor and victory, join hands into the youth, always join hands into the youth, gain knowledge and gain Grow and reap youth without regret.rnRelated articlesn Marlboro Cigarettesrnrn Cigarettes Onlinern