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The most beautiful mind is pure, the most beautiful language is warm, and the most beautiful moment is eternal. ����Inscription I never thought that there would be such a beautiful moment in the world, not as bright as flowers, not as shining as stars, and not as long as life ... It was just an inadvertent glance, I saw it Beautiful moment. When I was waiting for the bus, I accidentally stumbled. A girl who was running in the morning suddenly ran and stopped and stopped next to the trash can Carton Of Cigarettes. There was a bottle lying upright beside the trash can. The girl's brow frowned. I think she should throw the bottle in. She bent down and leaned down, the bottle lying on the floor was already holding in her hand. The breeze lightly brushed her face, and her slender and soft hair fluttered because of the wind. She smiled softly, matching her cheeks that were a little red because of running, like a shy girl. When she stood up, she could clearly see the bin where the garbage was sorted Newport 100S, and then easily dropped the bottle into a "recyclable" bin. After throwing the bottle, she clapped her hands with satisfaction, her mouth raised, and she continued to run forward. The flickering sun fluttered on her face as if it was a beautiful picture. At that moment, I even felt a little embarrassment and a little embarrassment. So many people walked past the trash can, and there were many people who saw the bottle, but no one picked it up and let it go to their own place. Only this girl bent down, did not What time does it take for the bottle to go to the trash? Beauty is not your dress or your appearance. It exists in the human mind. It often exists in people with a smile Cigarettes For Sale, a word, and an action life. Fragments. Each beautiful moment constitutes a beautiful landscape oil painting, and shines on the easel.rnrnRelated articlesn Cigarettes Onlinernrn NewportCigarettesrn