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Time always slips down like a stream of water inadvertently between fingers, and those joys and sadness of the past fade away slowly. But the corners of the footprints that had been left there in my memory clearly appeared in my mind and were hard to erase. Remember, the irregular field near my hometown was a fruitful autumn. Walking on the winding road and looking at it, what is the golden sparkle? Ah, the golden wheat ears beckoned to me in the wind. Some smiled happily, as if saying, "Ah, beautiful autumn, I am coming!" Some swayed in the wind, yelling, "Ah, help me, who will help me!" And Leaning on the wheat ears around him, he laughed and said, "Well, stupid, wouldn't you fall down by relying on others? Ah, so comfortable!" Remember, there is a fig tree in the courtyard of my hometown. It wasn't like the rows of pines and cypresses on the roadside, but like a charming girl. It twisted its waist and gave a graceful posture; two slender arms Newport Cigarettes, one seemed to be holding its handsome little face, and one raised high, as if to say hello to people passing by the door; one end The lush hair hovered over its head. Look, the beautiful girl also kept herself with long bangs on both sides of her face Marlboro Cigarettes. Maybe it thinks that it can make herself more attractive. Autumn, the figs on the tree have grown up. A little immature light green in purple. One day, I hurriedly called for Grandpa to pick me figs Parliament Cigarettes. When my grandfather came under the tree, I saw a few greedy birds leisurely tasting my figs. As I was trying to get rid of them, a fig that had been half-pecking fell off, and the bird flew down to eat around it. I stomped over, "bang", and I suddenly screamed, the bird The children fleeed. I showed a childlike smile, and Grandpa smiled. Thanks for this beautiful autumn, and thanks for my childhood. The scenery in the memory is so beautiful, it brings me a lot of joy, let us togetherrnRelated articlesn Newport Cigarettesrnrn Marlboro Cigarettesrn