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When talking about the sensitive issue of graduation, many students can't help but cry. When it comes to graduation, how many laughs turn to grief. Sometimes we really fantasize that we can laugh together until the end, but graduation is a time bomb, and time is up when we say parting. We have been thinking about the tears of our schoolmates when they left, laughing and swearing someday when we parted, singing our graduation songs together, staring at each other, whether we will cry, will we not be able to see? When we arrive Online Cigarettes, we will cry and say no more to separate! Haha, so funny. These three years are about to pass, we will grow together, make progress together, and write graduation messages and communication records together. I was punished together and I have done too much together. The teacher gave us an invaluable wealth - "knowledge" graduation is really a heart disease for us, and it will hurt if you think about it. Who will remember us in class with a pot of porridge? We are graduates, sometimes we really feel that we have enough to play, crazy enough, we should study hard, we are no longer just pretending to be quiet in the evening, we really changed, we are like chickens under the class. Blood, cherish this precious time. Who will remember us working together on the playground? We are still insisting that we Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the children playing basketball and playing football, have paid a lot of sweat. Although we don't study well, we have a rich sports career. The teachers who speak Mars, we are not not learning well, we are not bad children Marlboro Red, we are just doing our best to learn, we learn slowly, but we are careful. Classmates who are desperately looking at the watch in class, don't look at it, then we all graduated. Graduation is like a nightmare for us, but it is another new beginning. After graduating, we will each carry out our bags and look for the next one. Maybe we will go to different cities to enjoy a different life. At that time, will we still remember us at this time? Graduation is the word of growth and the language of sharing. Cherish the scenery before graduation. The outside world has to rely on hard work. If you want to survive, you can't rely on tricks, and you can't rely on your parents. It��s hard to work hard and study hard. It��s the basics of living now. We don��t know where to go after graduating. Cherish the present and control the future. For your own future, let's have a snack! - To us before graduation.rnRelated articlesn Cigarettes Onlinernrn NewportCigarettesCouponsrn