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There are always many volunteers in the streets of beautiful Xiamen. Volunteers - representing giving and giving. They practiced the spirit of Xiamen with practical actions. I am a volunteer! At 5:30 in the morning, the sky is still not bright. Wutong Lighthouse Park is very lively. In 2015, the Xiamen International Marathon ��Green Run Family�� volunteers who only stayed beautiful and did not leave garbage gathered together. On the day of the competition, the green running volunteer family will pick up the track garbage and ensure that the track after the marathon runners pass through is basically free of garbage Newport 100S, achieving the goal of ��only stay beautiful, not leave garbage��. At a glance, our volunteers are equipped with uniforms, bright yellow T-shirts, green supplies, and white hats. A round of red sun sprayed out, putting red clothes on the earth. Volunteers are ready to go and start a journey of environmental protection volunteers. I put on green gloves, carefully disinfected inside and outside, and followed the square to slowly walk over the track's rostrum. The voice of the host on the stage fluttered in the wind: "The main purpose of the green runners is 'only stay beautiful, don't leave garbage'!" The voice just fell, and the applause sounded in unison, which strengthened our determination to build a beautiful track. At first, I didn't dare to pick up those indecent garbage, and the garbage bags were empty. But then I was inspired by other volunteers, and they were impressed by the spirit of not being afraid of being tired and being selfless. Then bite his teeth, directly stick out the hands wearing green gloves, bend over to squat, even if it is dirty, I will not leave the garbage left alone, affecting the cleanliness of the track. Time passed by, and the volunteers did not complain, but they tried hard to pick up the garbage. Wherever we go, garbage is nowhere to be seen. The sweat dribbled down the forehead and soaked my collar. I can see the increasingly clean marathon track, and I feel full of joy. Gradually, the five-kilometer track was cleaned up by us. Looking back, the black asphalt road shimmers in the sunlight, and the road is straight, clean and tidy, creating a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I think this is the spirit of Xiamen - to dedicate your spirit and strength to others, to get out of yourself and to contribute value to society. Because of dedication, I have gained the greatest happiness and happiness! This volunteer activity is not only a simple public welfare activity, but also cultivates the quality of our civilization and environmental protection. We took the garbage on the track and left the eternal beauty, beautiful and beautiful Xiamen Carton Of Cigarettes, and we built it together; the radiant spirit of Xiamen is practiced by us! I am a practitioner of the spirit of Xiamen! Beautiful Xiamen, you have me!rnRelated articlesn NewportCigarettesCouponsrnrn Marlboro Cigarettesrn